15 Reasons to Move To Austin, Texas

It feels like everyone is moving to Austin these days... and maybe you're wondering why?

Well, here are 15 great reasons to move to Austin, Texas...

1. America's best place to live?!

That's right, Austin has repeatedly been voted the number one place to live in America based on affordability, quality of life, and job prospects.

U.S. News & World Report’s Best Places to Live survey ranked Austin number one for the fourth year in a row in 2020.

2. Wonderful weather

Summers in Austin can be pretty intense and while the heat can be both a blessing and a curse - overall it's wonderful. The winters are short, cold, and windy. It can be partly cloudy throughout the year.

Temperatures vary from 43°F to 97°F - rarely below 30°F or above 102°F. If you love the great outdoors - you'll love the balmy weather year round.

Note: allergy season can be rough in Austin, so if that'll be an issue for you, keep it in mind and pack the Allegra.

reasons to move to austin texas good weather

3. Positive job prospects

Austin has been nicknamed the "Silicon Hills" and while there are already many noteworthy tech companies with offices in Austin, like Apple, Facebook, and Google, the 2020 pandemic led to both Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Oracle announcing that they would be relocating their headquarters to Austin from Silicon Valley. Tesla's new factory is currently being built in southeastern Travis County so it's expected that the jobs market in Austin will only continue to prosper.

Austin also ranked fourth in the best large cities to start a business - so if you're an entrepreneurial spirit, this may be the city for you.

reasons to move to austin texas

4. No state income tax

The Texas Constitution forbids personal income taxes - which will sound amazing to those who pay heaps in income tax every paycheck. There are, however, high sales and use taxes in Texas, as well as local taxes to be paid.

reasons to move to austin texas

5. Austinites are friendly and chill

Southern hospitality is real, y'all.

Nice and laidback locals? People saying hey in the street? Knowing your neighbors?

Yes to all of the above. Sound like a dream? That's Austin for ya.

reasons to move to austin texas

6. Affordable home prices and the ability to own a home

Housing is far more affordable than housing on the coasts - from which many people move to Austin from. The dream of owning a home, which can be be impossible for people in the likes of California and New York, is made possible here. You also get a lot more bang for your buck thanks to newer, larger homes being built compared to San Francisco where newer homes are almost non-existent.

Our rent-to-own homeownershop option in Austin enhances the affordability even more by removing the barrier of needing a large downpayment upfront. Test drive a home before you take the plunge into homeownership, move in now, pay rent for a bit, and buy when you're ready. Learn more here!

reasons to move to austin texas

7. Lower cost of living

The cost of living in Austin is more affordable than the likes of coastal cities, but can be considered more expensive compared to other parts of the South.

You can see a more detailed breakdown of cost of living via NerdWallet's cost of living calculator for Austin here.

reasons to move to austin texas low cost of living

8. Good public schools

Austin has some of the best public schools in Texas, so you can rest assured knowing your kids' education will be in good hands.

Our friends at Niche.com make it super easy to find the best schools in your desired area and we use their ratings on ZeroDown's home search so you can check school ratings while simultaneously browsing homes.

Browse homes for sale in Austin with A+ schools nearby here.

reasons to move to austin texas good public schools

9. An abundance of great food

Austin's culinary scene is a delight. And while you may be aware of the delicious BBQ and Mexican food the city is known for, so many diverse cuisines await you. From James Beard award winning sushi spots to Italian food trucks, you won't struggle to find great grub in this city.

Eater Austin has a great guide that will hook you up with all of the best eats in the city and surrounding areas!

10. Good sense of community

Austin was voted the 10th best city in American for sense of community by Greenhouse Treatment. This was based on scores for a variety of things like community events, number of community centers, walkability, number of parks, crime levels, and a "community happiness score" for which Austin scored a 10/10!

reasons to move to austin texas community

11. Vibrant city life with a small town vibe

Austin is the live music capital of the world for good reason - you can find tons of live music gigs there every night of the week making for a very vibrant city lifestyle when you add in the amazing bars and restaurants the city has to offer. All that being said, the city runs on small, independent businesses and that great sense of community we mentioned above - and so it maintains its original small town, artistic vibe.

reasons to move to austin texas vibrant city life

12. Peaceful suburbs

While the city of Austin has plenty of hustle and bustle going on - you get the best of both worlds in the suburbs. They offer peace and quiet, but also convenient proximity to all the city has to offer.

If you're raising a family and want to have plenty of outdoor space to avail of but also want good downtown areas - these neighborhoods are worth checking out: West Lake Hills, Rollingwood, Brushy Creek, Round Rock, Pflugerville, and Georgetown.

reasons to move to austin texas

13. The great outdoors

With weather as awesome as Austin's, there's plenty to do outside! Enjoy the joys of biking and hiking trails, paddle boarding, kayaking, and even hot springs. All of this explains why Austin is often ranked one of the fittest cities in the US.

reasons to move to austin texas outdoors

14. A pet-friendly haven

Austin is a super pet-friendly city - just take a quick stroll on the streets and you'll see plenty of pooches around! The city has ranked fourth on the list of the most pet-friendly cities in America. So not only will you have a blast - your pet will too!

15. Offers a fun lifestyle

A lot of the above points add up to offer a superb lifestyle that includes enjoying the great outdoors and live music, eating amazing food, meeting friendly people, and making friends for life. Add in the amazing weather, art, and diverse culture - and you're living the life! There will always be something to do or see when you live in Austin.

Ready to find your dream home in Austin? We got you covered - browse awesome homes here and take advantage of our filter tool to prioritize your life, family, and lifestyle!

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