The 5 Real Estate Newsletters You Should Subscribe to Right Now

Looking for fresh, topical, and insightful real estate news at your fingertips? Then at least one of these email newsletters should pique your interest.

From consumer real estate and fun features to more niche industry content, there's something for everyone below whether you're a realtor, a home hunter, or just obsessed with home browsing!

Here are five real estate email newsletters you should subscribe to right now...

1. The New York Times: Real Estate

The New York Times' real estate newsletter is aimed at consumers and industry professionals, the newsletter acts as a round-up and delivery system for their online articles every Saturday.

Covering residential real estate news and much more, not just in New York's five boroughs but even further beyond, across America and the rest of the world. The super-clickable and intriguing content will lead you  down a deep hole of drooling over the delightful properties they cover.

Features: expect everything from serious real estate news, area insights, and historical highlights to entertaining features, opinion pieces, and plenty of incredible properties.

Perfect for: anyone with an interest in real estate, whether renting, buying, happily settled, or "just browsing"!

Subscribe: here.

2. The Insider Report

The Insider Report is the best complement to home browsing. While every other real estate email for consumers is a cluster of home photos and prices, this one leads with data covering the San Francisco Bay Area real estate market. The 3x per week newsletter breaks down the walls of home searching so that everyone can access insider knowledge that usually only realtors and investors have.

The Insider Report isn’t a replacement for looking at actual homes (why would you ever want to stop that?!) so you can click into most of the trends to see the homes (photos, 3D tours, videos, and more) behind them, and save searches to get additional emails with all the home photos you can handle. Doesn't that sound delightful?

Features: daily price trends and market fluctuations, quick clicks on price drops and rare finds, trade secrets, demystification of real estate jargon, and any other relevant news on the local housing market - altogether offering an understanding of underlying trends impacting what you see in the home listings popping up around you

Perfect for: anyone interested in real estate in San Francisco (but the team tells me they plan to expand to more markets across the US soon).

Subscribe: here.

3. Geek Estate

Geek Estate's monthly email newsletter, the Monthly Radar and Transmission, aims to help subscribers stay on the pulse of real estate news, technology, and marketing. From the basic to the in-depth, it's put together by the Geek Estate blog team, who cater to real estate professionals and entrepreneurs.

The team covers real estate technology for realtors, marketing tools for realtors, etc. The authors call themselves geeks since they come from the tech world, the founder started the newsletter while working at Zillow. He comes from the perspective of building technology for the real estate industry, so this is the driving force of the content.

Features: this newsletter is typically broken into four sections: real estate, startups, built world, and outside the box plus some extras on occasion.

Perfect for: realtors and operators working in the real estate industry (especially in the real estate technology industry).

Subscribe: here.

4. HousingWire

When it comes to newsletters, HousingWire has four different options that appeal to a broad range of real estate industry roles.

The Daily Update offers in-depth coverage of the housing economy for mortgage, real estate, and housing executives and professionals twice per business day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. LendingLife offers news and commentary specifically for Mortgage Loan Originators three times per week. OpenHouse content is catered to Real Estate Agents and Brokers on Wednesdays and Sundays while ClosingTime is aimed at title and escrow professionals once per week.

Features: differ per newsletter, from in-depth coverage of the housing economy to mortgage-specific content and title and escrow accounts.

Perfect for: any of the above!

Subscribe: here.

5. JVM Lending's Blog Newsletter

Last but not least on our list of the five real estate newsletters you should subscribe to ASAP, we have JVM Lending's blog newsletter.

The goal of JVM Lending's newsletter is to share only the best and most relevant real estate and mortgage industry content, with actionable steps you can take to grow your business.

Written by founder Jay Voorhees, the daily newsletter is made up of short and sweet content including an interest rate update and industry or business news and insights.

Features: real estate case studies, scenarios, updates, news, insights, and more.

Perfect for: anyone in real estate from the vaguely interested to the seasoned professional.

Subscribe: here.

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