The 5 Instagram Accounts Every Houseplant-Lover Must Follow

What's a home without umpteen houseplants perched around you?

Not only do they make excellent home decor pieces - they also offer health benefits by converting the carbon dioxide we exhale into fresh oxygen and can even remove toxins from the air we breathe. Fun fact!

Caring for houseplants is also a great hobby - so if you're not already a member of the plant parent club - here's your official invitation to join!

Follow the accounts bellow for ALL you need to know plus unlimited inspiration.

Here are the five best Instagram accounts every houseplant-lover needs to follow!

1. @houseplantjournal

Plant advisor, engineer, and author Darryl Cheng offers a sensible approach to houseplant care - and should be the first stop on your houseplant journey.

Not only does he have an awesome Instagram account and "New Plant Parent" book (which you can purchase here) but he also offers houseplant courses AND virtual consultations for all your greenery needs.

2. @succulentcity

Succulents, succulents, and more succulents!

If, like us, you have a bit of a succulent addiction... then this is the account for you. All the succulent content you've been searching for - from beginners tips to watering and what succulents are / are not pet-friendly plus much, much more.

3. @danaerolynhorst

Founder of Folia Collective in Los Angeles, Danae Horst is a self-confessed "plant geek" offering plant insights, workshops, and plant-focused interior design services.

Order her new book "Houseplants For All" here.

4. @arianatanabe

If you live for that dreamy houseplant aesthetic, @arianatanabe is the gal for you. Looking for boundless beautiful plant content and inspiration? You know where to go.

5. jadesjunglegram

From plant tours to repotting videos, @jadesjunglegram offers the insights plant-lovers need to create their own indoor green oasis!

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