The Best Real Estate Shows To Binge on Netflix

So you've run out of shows and are looking for something great to watch. Well, you've come to the right place, we've got you covered for all things real estate entertainment on Netflix.

Netflix really comes through when it comes to real estate content whether you're in the mood for a more serious documentary or a drama-filled spectacle - they have a little something for everyone. That being said, we've gone ahead and compiled a list of the five best real estate shows to binge on Netflix right now. Grab your snacks and settle in for some serious home obsessing.

1. The World's Most Extraordinary Homes

This British property series follows property enthusiast Caroline Quentin and architect Piers Taylor around the world as they explore the world's most extraordinary homes. The show has two seasons for you to binge and a solid rating of 7.6/10 on

Follow the pair as they journey across mountains, through forests, along coasts, and deep underground to discover the most unique properties you'll ever see.

2. Tiny House Nation

They say that sometimes the best things come in small packages... and that's certainly the case with Tiny House Nation, a series that celebrates the tiny home movement.

Hosts and renovation experts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin travel across America to show ingenious small dwellings and their creative inhabitants while also helping families design and construct their own dream minihomes.

3. Selling Sunset

Imagine a top Los Angeles brokerage of the most glamorous, bad ass women imaginable. We're talking mega-mansions in Malibu, insane listings like a $75 million dollar compound in Beverly Hills, celebrities, and elite clientele. Now add a few cutthroat agents, and lots of drama. That's Selling Sunset.

Come for the property, stay for the spectacle.

Disclaimer: we take no responsibility for how addictive this TV show is... watch at your own risk.

4. Grand Designs

Host Kevin McCloud follows people as they self-build their dream house, often focusing on modern design, energy efficiency, maximizing space, and views. Expect people who redefine the term DIY, taking self-building to the next level with endless ambition from start to finish.

Let the 8.5/10 rating be all the reassurance you need that Grand Designs is very binge-worthy.

5. Million Dollar Beach House

If you love reality television or a good soap opera but also love real estate, this is the show for you.

Follow this group of young and hungry agents as they try to seal the deal on luxury listings in the Hamptons. They must move fast to sell luxe properties on a tight time frame. The competition is fierce. The drama undeniable.

Header image credits: Netflix

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