“Bonus Room”: Decoded - Don’t be Fooled by This Tricky Real Estate Term

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“Bonus” tip: Whenever you see the words “bonus” in a listing description, it’s often realtor-code for unpermitted work. This is also likely why a home’s square footage isn’t listed.

The public records say there is 1,343 square feet of living space for this property that touts a "bonus room/cellar." However, the listing also claims "apx. 2,000 sq.ft" - the use of "bonus" and imprecise language screams "unpermitted space."

Others may have noticed this as well, and been scared off, which could explain why this property has been on the market for 80 days. That is almost double the average time it took other three bed / 2-2.5 bath homes in the neighborhood to sell during the past three months.

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