Condo Crawl: The Austin Edition

Condo prices are crazy good and inventory in Austin is at an all-time high. Why not take a look?

Sign-up for a socially distant event to see multiple condos back-to-back. Hosted by top Austin realtors and the team at

Due to Covid precautions, this is a socially distant event. You'll get your own personal schedule in advance, and will attend each condo at your scheduled time. You don't need your own realtor to attend -- each condo will be hosted by the agent representing that home.


WHAT: CONDO CRAWL -- socially distanced opportunity to see multiple great condos in one day.

WHERE: Austin, various locations.

WHEN: Saturday, November 14th, 10am-6pm.

**RSVP required: Sign up now to participate**

Please RSVP by Nov 13th, 2pm PT. All participants will be required to follow real estate COVID guidelines.


Address: 304 W Alpine RD #33

Price: $420,000

Approx. monthly price: $2,308

Address: 206 Braeswood RD #A

Price: $650,000

Approx. monthly price: $3,627

Address: 900 Garden Villa CT

Price: $1,550,000

Approx. monthly price: $8,444

Address: 2303 East Side DR #122

Price: $259,900

Approx. monthly price: $1,484

Address: 1601 Brackenridge ST

Price: $799,500

Approx. monthly price: $4,427

Address: 2520 Bluebonnet LN #43

Price: $615,000

Approx. monthly price: $3,439

Address: 3815 Menchaca RD #32

Price: $300,000

Approx. monthly price: $1,648

Address: 2405 Ann Arbor Ave #B

Price: $660,000

Approx. monthly price: $3,764

Address: 3018 S 1st ST #103

Price: $205,000

Approx. monthly price: $1,286

Address: 1713 Waterloo TRL #B

Price: $339,900

Approx. monthly price: $1,980

It’s a great time to look at condos. This socially-distant tour is just the thing you need.

If you haven't already... Sign up now to participate!

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