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Looking to branch out and find a home near greenery? If finding a home near a bit of nature is on your list, ZeroDown has got you covered! We make it easy for you to find a home close to parks, playgrounds, preserves and everything in-between with the ‘Near Greenery’ filter. Visit ZeroDown home search and you can select the ‘Near Greenery’ filter located within the search bar at the top of the screen. By using our search filter you can easily access homes close to nature, and in your area of choice.

ZeroDown puts in the work for you, helping guide you and get you into your ZeroDown home as soon as possible. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a home near the forests in Marin, the hills of Oakland or the beautiful parks of San Francisco. Our home search tool will help you find a property steps away from the best hiking spots, right next door to a garden or near a dog park for your furry friends. From seaside homes to the foothills, our ‘Near Greenery’ filter will help you find a home close to nature. Visit our website and find the perfect home surrounded by greenery.

Step 1: If you're in the Bay Area, visit our Home Search Page:

Step 2: Click on 'Near Greenery'. From there you can access homes with the best proximity to nature, from parks to gardens and playgrounds.

Step 3: Zoom in on your preferred area, and find the home that speaks to you.

The further you get out of the city, the more green you get, use our Home Buying Guide to help you in your home buying process.

Step 4: Find out your buying power and get qualified for ZeroDown home and start your home buying journey today.

Notes from the ZeroDown Labs team

For our ‘Near Greenery’ filter, our data of all green spaces in the Bay Area from OpenStreetMap. This includes parks, gardens, nature reserves, and everything in-between. We find all homes in close proximity to these green spaces, and assign them green scores based on the type of greenspace and the proximity of the home to the green space. Any homes with a score above a certain threshold are labelled as ‘Near Greenery’, and voila, here you have our ‘Greenery Filter.’

Transplant? Or Just Looking to Put Down Roots in the Bay?

Out of all cities in the Bay Area, San Francisco has the highest percentage - almost 36% (link to Guide) of land allotted to public parks and gardens. However, at the time of posting, only 10% of currently listed homes in San Francisco are near Greenery.

This is because most of the park area is concentrated in two major parks: The Golden Gate park, and the Presidio. In the city, homes Near Greenery have a median listing price 17% higher than those not near greenery. Lafayette, with a equally high park area of 30% has 34% of its homes near greenery, and these homes are priced 33% higher than the rest. Daly City and San Carlos are other cities with more than 30% homes near greenery. While the median price of such homes is 19% higher in Daly City, it’s 50% higher in San Carlos. Also worth mentioning is Berkeley, where homes Near Greenery are listed 65% higher than the rest.

If you are thinking about buying a home in the Bay Area, check out this Quantitative Guide to Buying a Home in the Bay Area for numbers way beyond trees.

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