Are People Willing To Buy A Haunted House? This Study Reveals All

It's no coincidence that TV shows and movies featuring haunted houses are in the horror genre - they're spooky as hell.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, for most people the thought of living in a haunted house is enough to cause full-body goosebumps... or so we thought until we saw recent data related to haunted homeownership.

So, are people really willing to buy a haunted house?

Are People Willing To Buy A Haunted House? This Study Reveals All

Well, according to an industry survey conducted by Bank of America Global, the majority say yes.

That's right, a whopping 72% of survey respondents say they would consider buying or renting a home even if the owner reported it to be haunted... if it allowed them to stay within budget.

What is equally as surprising is that 18% of participants would be willing to pay asking price for an eerie abode.

More than one third said they would move in for a discount of greater than 10% from market, with almost 20% seeking a bargain of 11% - 20%. 15% of respondents said they would require a price cut in excess of 20%.

Furthermore, of the 1,500 survey respondents, 4% even said they would offer a premium for a paranormal bonus to their home. So, I guess not everyone is bothered by things that go bump in the night...

As for those who currently consider their residence to be haunted, half of them said they were either unsure or would not disclose paranormal activity during the real estate transaction process if it wasn't required by law. Only four states, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Minnesota, currently have real estate disclosure laws that address paranormal activity. New York and New Jersey even list potential consequences for non-adherence.

Would you live in a home that you knew was haunted? It is spooky szn after all...

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