7 Home Organization TikToks To Help You Get Your Life Together

There is no better feeling than an organized and tidy home so if that's what you're yearning for - these TikTok tricks, tips, and hacks are exactly what you need.

They say that organization is a form of therapy, and the pandemic has certainly added fuel to this form of home therapy as we now see it everywhere on social media. It's a great release and is so satisfying.

Here are seven home organization TikToks to help you get your life together...

1. The most perfect pantry

If you dabble in home organization, then you're probably very familiar with The Home Edit. Owners of a super successful home organization business, multiple books, a celeb-studded Netflix show, a fabulous product line, and awesome social media accounts offering their advice, tips, and tricks - for free!

Their TikTok account @thehomeedit is filled with even more handy organization hacks - as seen in this pantry progress video:

Header image credit: @thehomeedit/Instagram

2. For the messy garage in your life

Sam from @thesimplyorganized is a professional organizer and garage expert.

We all know that garages can be "stuff vacuums". All those random things lying around the house? Throw 'em in the garage! But mess no more... from ways to add more storage in your garage to building tool walls - if you're looking to add structure and great storage solutions, Sam's your gal.

3. The spice drawer of your dreams

We've seen a lot of spice jar label and jar trends in the last few months but have to give the first place spice drawer award to Noell Jett of @jettsetfarmhouse. Watch to see how she transformed a mismatched spice drawer into the most organized and gorgeous spice haven.

4. These awesome apartment kitchen organization hacks

Space can be limited in small apartments therefore organization and storage are SO key. TikToker @maryelouis shows us how it's done. From a wall-mounted knife magnet to a spice rack and space-saving bowls.

5. Fridge organization ideas

An organized fridge is key to meal prep and fresh food usage. If everything is unreachable and messy, it can become unlikely that you'll go to the effort of digging out the components of a home-cooked dinner and more likely to just order a pizza.

TikToker @sly_inspire_me offers endless fridge organization ideas highlighting storage solutions for everything from fresh herbs to frozen goods.

6. This budget-friendly closet hack

Some storage solutions require ordering organizers like shelves or bins which can really add up and become costly. TikTok account @aspireorganizing offers amazing, budget-friendly options that are either free or low-cost - like this simple tip to make hanging pants in your closet look and function better!

7. Another veryyyyy organized pantry

Last but not least for home organization TikToks, we have another pantry that puts ours to shame. This pantry by @alifemoreorganized is cleverly made up of large glass jars, acrylic bins, can organizers, wire trays, lazy Susans, spice racks, and more.

Follow the above accounts for more inspiration, and follow us on TikTok while you're at it. Happy organizing!

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