Hot Pick Home: 'Restful' in the Bay Area - May 31, 2021

Does this home have amenities and is it located in a place that emphasizes peace and quiet? Based on this criteria, and the points below, we believe so!

This is ZeroDown’s Hot Pick Home: 'Restful' in the Bay Area - 05/31/2021

298 Appian Way, Union City, CA 9458

This five-bed, two-bath Union City home is located in a neighborhood with an average of fewer than 40 decibels of noise, comparable to a quiet library. It boasts a balanced 76 TreeScore, just the right mix of trees and buildings in the neighborhood. 

It has a living space-to-lot ratio of about 1:4.5, with an unobstructed view out the back to a valley view as there is no immediate rear neighbor. To add to the peaceful feeling, the living room features a fireplace. It’s close to Seven Hills Park and a reasonable distance to hiking trails in the Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Park, and Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area.

This combination of a quiet location, access to nature, and peace-enhancing amenities have earned this property ZeroDown’s 'Restful' Hot Pick.

Check out more of this awesome and restful home through this virtual home tour:

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