Inspiring Ideas To Turn Your Garage Into a Room 

Sometimes you might wonder that your garage is too big for one car, or you could use that space for another purpose. Maybe, you lack an extra room in your house, or you have always dreamed of a garden, but there is no usable soil around your building. 

Most of the time, there is no need to apply for a planning permit. Mainly because you are not extending your house, but only renovating it from inside. Still, you should find out whether a license is required for your location. 

But for now, enjoy the article about inspiring ideas to convert your garage into a living space. 

Basic tips for turning your garage into a room 

When you decide to turn your garage into a room, the first thing is to make it cozy and comfortable. To do so, consider the following things: 

Walls, flooring, and ceiling

The ceiling should be high enough so that you can stand up straight. The flooring should be comfortable because you will spend a lot of time there, especially if you want to turn your garage into a room for entertaining. Consider installing hybrid flooring if you are looking for something durable as well as stylish: the perfect choice for a room where someone will live. 

The walls can be covered with wallpaper, paint, or even paneling. If you use paneling, make sure that it is waterproof and easy to clean. 

Doors and windows

For the room to be comfortable, it needs to have windows and an insulated door. This way, you have enough natural light inside and are protected from the wind or cold. To make sure the room is fit to live in, remember to get your garage door opener installed by professionals - this way, you can avoid potential problems such as crushed doors during winter. Not sure which one would be the best fit for your garage? Then check the Liftmaster garage door opener.


Lighting is essential when you turn your garage into a living room. You should have several lamps that provide the soft light. Also, consider many small light bulbs that shine at the same time. This way, you will be able to create an intimate atmosphere at night. 

Heating and cooling system

It is also important to equip your living room with a heating and cooling system. It is best to choose a system that uses hydronic heating technology so as to save energy costs. 

Create a guesthouse/in-law suite

If friends or in-laws visit you quite often, creating a guesthouse out of your unused garage may be an excellent idea. However, you will have to put much effort into that. Unlike some of the options on our list, this version of a garage has to be extremely comfortable. For that, you’ll need to replace the door and add the windows, install a cooling system, and find comfortable furniture.

In order to accommodate plumbing and electrical connections between the two structures, passageways can be built through which pipes and wires can be connected from one building to another. 

Moreover, you’ll have to decorate your garage. Consider buying decorative lights to create an intimate atmosphere in the evening, getting a rug to add a cozy vibe, and hanging the curtains to make the place feel like home.

Convert your old garage into a dream home office

Your garage can be converted into a home office quite easily. You can install a couple of desks, chairs, or some bookshelves, arrange a computer place, and even get a sofa to relax after a hard day.  The best thing about this option is that you don’t have to sacrifice any space in your house for this room. 

Transform your garage into a sunroom

This is probably the most popular option for converting a garage into a living space. A sunroom is an excellent addition to any home, providing additional living space and a stunning view. It can be fairly inexpensive to build and is easy to design yourself. 

Make an entertainment room out of your unused garage

Another way to use your garage is to turn it into a TV room or entertainment center. You can convert one part of your garage into a family room with a TV, stereo system, furniture, etc. The other part can still serve as storage space if you need it. You might want to consider installing a window to let in some fresh air in the evening. 

One more thing that you might want to add is a bar area where you can relax while watching movies or enjoying a nice glass of wine with your friends. 

Convert your garage into an exercise room/home gym

If you don’t like gyms for any reason, converting your garage into an exercise room can be an excellent idea. This way, you will be able to work out at home by yourself (or together with friends at family) and save time and money. Find out how to build a home gym on any budget here.

Create a garden room you’ve dreamed about

An alternative way to turn your garage into a useful space is to add a garden room. For that, you’ll need to add light and a lot of shelves. However, that’s totally worth it, especially if you’ve always dreamed about a garden but couldn’t create it outdoors for some reason. 

Turn your garage into a laundry room/mudroom

A laundry room is a convenient space to have in your house because it keeps laundry baskets, washers, dryers, and other laundry-related things out of sight. This can also be used as a mudroom if you need more space for coats, boots, and other items people take off when entering your home. 

A final note...

If you have an empty garage, you’re a lucky person. Not only do you get some extra storage space, but you can also make some of your dreams come true. Transform this extra room into something fantastic with the tips you’ve read above.

If you’re working remotely or have a home business, a garage can easily become your home office. If you’ve always dreamed about a garden, you can have it inside. And if you hate gyms, empty space can be transformed into an exercise room.

You can make anything you want out of your garage - the only limit is your imagination. Think about something you really want, and start working on it.

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