Love Interior Design? These 5 TikTok Accounts Are Sure To Inspire

Our first blog post about the most inspiring TikTok accounts to follow for interior design tips seriously blew up. In fact, it's our most read blog post ever.

So in the spirit of giving the people what they want, here is the sequel for those who are still itching to redesign their space. Whether you're renovating your kitchen, or looking for a quick DIY project, the TikTok designers are here to help - in 60 seconds or less!

Check out these five inspiring interior design accounts to follow on TikTok...

1. @dazeyla AKA the queen of color who breathes life into any room

If there's one TikTok account that brings us plenty of joy, it's Dani Dazey's - a self taught artist, muralist, graphic designer, fashion designer, interior designer, and photographer - there's nothing she can't do.

Her interior design specialities? Wild walls, statement furniture, fun floors, and self-painted art, to name just a few.

Featured image credit: Dazey Den by Dani Dazey / @dazeyden on Instagram

2. @niftynest, the interior designer who shows that beautiful interior design doesn't need to break the bank

As you can see in this home tour, interior designer Erin has a great eye for beautiful home design. The best part? She shows all of us it can be done on a budget! A large amount of her stuff is from IKEA, Walmart, and even Amazon - as well as thrifted pieces and clearance items. Make sure to check out her Instagram for more tips.

3. @fridlaa who somehow makes everything aesthetically pleasing look effortless

Based in Berlin, Germany, @Fridlaa is one of those accounts that makes everything look effortlessly aesthetically pleasing. From the endless lush plants to the choice of colors and textures - everything she touches turns to gold.

4. The incredible @dearmodern who educates in the wildest way

Who even knew room layout could make THIS much of a difference?

We certainly did not, and we are in awe of Cliff Tan and his genius ways - as are the 11+ million people who have liked his TikToks.

5. The interior design king Danny Wang

Last but not least on our list of the most inspiring TikTok accounts you need to follow for all things interior design: Danny Wang, interior designer extraordinaire.

From sleek storage solutions to total exterior and landscape transformations, we are glued to this TikTok account.

There really is endless interior design inspiration on TikTok... make sure to follow us on TikTok here!

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