Is This The Next Hype House?

We've all heard of the Hype House - one of many "content houses" that have taken the world by storm. They've even landed their own Netflix show that has the whole internet talking.

Content houses all started with Vine and YouTube when groups of creators move into apartments and houses to film as much content as possible together.

Then came TikTok and with it, even more content houses (in the form of mega-mansions) all over the world from Los Angeles to Ireland and the United Kingdom.

So what are the requirements that deem a house worthy of being a content house? Well, YouTuber Brent Rivera told The New York Times that a home, “needs to be big, and the more amenities the better, like a pool, nice bathroom, nice lighting, big back and front yard, room for activities, and fun stuff you can do inside or outside.”

So we went hunting for a home with this criteria - and found one with huge potential.

Could this Malibu mansion be the next Hype House?

With four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms - there's enough space to house a bunch of TikTok creators under this roof...

23768 Malibu Road in Malibu, CA 90265 is on the market for $28,500,000.

Hype House members will enjoy all the benefits of living on the beach in Malibu, with Los Angeles only a drive away.

Hype house new house on malibu beach netflix

Endless space for brand deal meetings, collabs, and dinners:

Hype house kitchen netflix malibu beach
is this the next hype house exterior

Plus beautiful bathrooms to do TikToks in:

Because what else are bathrooms even for?

hype house bathroom with pink countertops

A vast kitchen for filming "mukbangs" in:

Hype house malibu kitchen netflix
hype house kitchen california

What more could you want?

Check out more extraordinary potential Hype Houses for sale in Los Angeles here.

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