8 TikTok Kitchen DIYs and Design Hacks

The kitchen is the heart of the home - and as we approach the holidays, we'll be spending more time in it than ever before.

If your kitchen is in need of an update, and you have some spare time on your hands this holiday season - look no further than these awesome DIY tutorials. Your wallet will certainly thank you with the potential to save hundreds of dollars using the hacks below.

From cabinet knobs and faux marble countertops to murals and the coolest fridge transformation we've ever seen - there's something for everyone below!

Here are 8 awesome kitchen DIYs and design hacks we found on TikTok...

1. Money-saving cabinet hack

By @hammsmom

Not willing to splurge on trendy knobs for your kitchen cabinets? Well neither was this TikToker who decided to make her own - from scratch! The result? Just as beautiful as the original.

2. Faux marble countertop

By @brittany_e4497

Are your countertops a bit outdated? Are you on a budget? This one's for you! This hack is honestly genius.

3. Vinyl kitchen makeover

By @mirandavandelden

Who knew vinyl could transform a space so much? TikTok @mirandavandelden shows us how take a kitchen from basic to beautiful!

4. A monochrome kitchen moment

By @easyinterieur

DIY queen @easyinterieur shows a before and after that we can't quite believe is even the same kitchen?! Loving the monochromatic aesthetic.

5. The coolest fridge transformation

By @neverskipbrunch

We thought we'd seen just about everything when it comes to kitchen makeovers - but this transformation is next level. Props to @neverskipbrunch for thinking of this one.

6. Mural idea

By @phoebecornog

Looking to breathe some life and color into your kitchen? Take a leaf out of muralist and designer @phoebecornog's book and add a mural in the heart of your home!

7. A simple and eco-friendly decor idea

By @erekasfood

Decorating your kitchen isn't the easiest and most budget-friendly of projects - but we just LOVE @erekasfood's simple, budget-friendly, and eco-friendly upcycling decor idea. Check it out:

8. Beautiful backsplash

By @craftylumberjacks

Last but not least, we have a backsplash DIY that couldn't be simpler! We're definitely gonna try this one out.

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