Love Old Houses? Follow These 5 Great Instagram Accounts

When it comes to real estate, do you find yourself gravitating towards more eccentric houses? Or do you just have an endless fascination with old homes like we do?

There's something so intriguing, unique, and special about older properties. They have stories to tell, they have seen things, they have real character. Old property gems have this undeniable, innate beauty about them.

Sure, newer builds have the benefits of being more energy-efficient, more modern, and more mainstream. But they just don't make 'em like this anymore.

Keep reading to find some great property accounts on Instagram to follow for all things old...

1. Cheap Old Houses

If, like the majority of us, you love a good bargain then this is the Instagram account for you. Cheap Old Houses does exactly as described, it features a curation of beautiful old properties that are on the market. Expect to see a variety of small and large homes, mostly in the United States, but also sometimes further abroad.

With over 1.3 million Instagram followers, you know this is one is worth following.

2. Cheap Old Irish Houses

Speaking of abroad, this next Instagram account brings us to the green fields of Ireland. With over 111,000 followers, this page shines a light on the forgotten half of the Irish property market. In an age where so many people want new, new, new, this account is stepping back in time to focus on the old houses of Ireland. They even have their own TV show.

3. Circa Old Houses

Next up for old home addicts, we've got the Instagram of Circa Old Houses magazine. They've been featured in Country Living and on and share some serious hidden gems and historical homes currently for sale in the US. If you're house hunting right now, or ever, this is the account to follow.

4. Lovely Old Homes

With almost 50,000 followers on Instagram, Lovely Old Homes is sure to delight. Run by a self-confessed old home lover based in Salt Lake City, this account features some of the most stunning old homes you'll ever see. Expect to see plenty of Victorian, Queen Anne, Tudor, and Georgian Revival style homes of all different sizes, colors, and conditions.

5. Old Georgia Homes

Follow us over to the South now as we visit the great and grand old homes of Georgia. Every old property has a story, and this account shares exactly that. From funeral homes and churches to mansions and estates, Old Georgia Homes has the inside scoop and story behind each featured property.

These accounts are sure to satisfy your old home obsession for the foreseeable.

Looking for more inspiring Instagram accounts to follow? Check out these seven real estate agents you should be following on Instagram.

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