5 Real Estate TikTok Trends You Don't Want To Miss

Unless you've been living under a rock all this while, you would have come across a TikTok trend in one form or another.

Whether it's food, dance, beauty, comedy, or art - every week there are viral trends in every TikTok niche, and real estate is no different.

Here are five real estate TikTok trends you don't want to miss:

1. Roasting homes

Poking fun at homes, especially over-the-top, crazy expensive, or even just weirdly staged homes is a rapidly growing TikTok trend.

Many TikTok that achieving viral fame through this trend pick out homes on real estate sites and call out the most absurd features. @cyberexboyfriend is one such star who has made waves with his 'Roasting McMansions on Zillow' segment with millions of views and a long list of followers.

There are others who roast homes not for their insane features, but for the poor design. @bryanstandley is a Kansas City home inspector who does routine inspections of homes and roasts super-specific things that you'd otherwise miss. These kinds of videos are super fun to watch, however, our hearts go out to the homeowners or realtors trying to sell these houses!

2. Discovering hidden rooms

Honestly, how many hidden rooms does the world have? If TikTok is to be believed, a lot.

Finding hidden cabinets, old storage, blocked pantries, and even even entire rooms behind walls is entirely plausible. TikTokers have been sharing videos of rooms within rooms and raking in millions of views. One TikToker @unfortunateexistance pulled out a carpet and found an entire basement in their home.

Yet another Tiktok video by @hooserice88 shows these Scottish contractors discovering a note and a bottle of whiskey left 20 years ago from when the home was last remodeled. We're not saying that you try removing your bathroom mirror and make a hole in the wall, but in case you do, tell us what you find!

3. Home DIY

DIY has always been a popular category of videos - on YouTube, on Instagram, and now on TikTok!

People love to get their hands dirty and do things themselves and the last year has only enhanced this by giving everyone a lot more time at home than they could have ever possibly imagined.

From remodeling entire homes to painting walls, building furniture from scratch, or even fixing a leaky faucet, home DIY is a real estate TikTok trend that is here to stay.

Check out @lizlovery on TikTok for renter-friendly DIY ideas on making the house feel like your home. Interior decorating duo @mytinyestate are also popular for their simple DIY ideas that range from a door makeover to a simple plastering tutorial.

4. Luxury property tours

Who cares if you can't afford a multi-million dollar home when you can visit those kind of properties on TikTok, right?!

Luxury home tours are an extremely popular real estate trend that has people swooning over every small, or in most cases, large, detail.

Infinity pools, high ceilings, top-of-the-line appliances, beautiful furnishings, and high-tech equipment, these elements really make for some excellent viewing.

@aarongrushowhomes, an LA realtor with over 27M views on TikTok, is famous for his tours featuring opulent homes. Luxury landscape design duo @foxterradesign have raked in millions of views on their "Clients asked me..." style videos that feature bleak backyards that they transform into luxurious oasis'.

5. Tips and tricks

Are you a first-time homeowner and not sure what to look out for in a home? Or are you a new property investor worried about timing? With plenty of advice floating around on TikTok, you're bound to find information that'll help you out.

Realtors, real estate enthusiasts, and brokers on TikTok share everything you need to know before making your first big purchase in a property, as well as subsequent things to keep in mind. @tatlondono, a real estate coach, investor, and author, uses TikTok to teach people how to become a successful real estate agent, investor, as well as when to buy properties. @thachn, a real estate broker, investor, and developer has amassed millions of views with his insightful tips on investing in homes.

Check out our TikTok here for awesome home tours and real estate insights!

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