San Francisco's Historic Octagonal House Is on the Market for $8.6M

The octagon has long been regarded as one of the most significant architectural innovations because it allowed builders to use less material while achieving more space than traditional rectangular homes or dwellings.

That's why octagonal houses were extremely popular in the 1800s - they provided multiple benefits including increased natural light, better ventilation, and lower cost of construction.

With time the style got lost and very few octagonal houses remain standing today, however, one of the last remaining octagonal houses in San Francisco just went up for sale last week. If you've dreamt of owning one, then keep on reading.

The historic Feusier Octagon House in Russian Hill has been listed for $8.6 million...

Feusier Octagon House in Russian Hill exterior with white paint

The three-level home featuring four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms was last bought by Howards and Iran Billman in 1999 for $2.6 million. Built in 1857, the Feusier House was listed as a San Francisco landmark in 1970 and is now being sold by Billman's two daughters.

A beautiful blue door welcomes you to the main level of the home which consists of four salons. One of these opens to the south deck and includes a staircase leading to a well-maintained garden.

Feusier Octagon House in Russian Hill living room with blue walls and chandeliers

The blue tone is carried throughout the house with a gorgeous teal colored room that makes for the perfect spot to read or enjoy a coffee. Modern decor is beautifully combined with historic charm in the 160+ year old home.

On the lower level, the office and the primary kitchen open out to the southwest-facing patio and garden.

Feusier Octagon House in Russian Hill  garden and bedroom

Other features of this home include a two-car garage and 330 square foot room which can be converted into a home gym or art studio.

A winding staircase, stunning views, bright and airy rooms, a fully-equipped modern kitchen, and a terrace/patio complete with trees and a seating nook make this historic home a treasure trove.

The lush garden of Feusier Octagon House in Russian Hill

Check out the complete listing here.

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