The Top Things Entrepreneurs Look for in a Home

Thanks to the likes of MTV Cribs and Architectural Digest, we often get sneak peeks into the homes of celebrities and get a sense of what they look for in a home... 20-car garages, Olympic-sized swimming pools, bowling alleys, helicopter pads, and so much more.

But what about entrepreneurs? Do you ever wonder what they look for in a home? Do they want boardrooms, ping pong tables, bean bag chairs, cold brew fountains, and endless walls of snacks.... or are they just regular people like us?

Well, we spoke to six YC founders to find out what features they prioritize when house hunting to get a better sense of what the home of an entrepreneur could look like.

These are the top things entrepreneurs look for in a home

Amrit Singh, Loop Health:

  • Proximity to a major metro city - I think post-covid we will return to cities and I don't want to be far from the action
  • Big windows so I have good natural lighting on Zoom calls
  • Hot tub/jacuzzi so I can relax with a glass of wine at the end of the work day

Loop Health pays doctors to keep your employees healthy, not just treat them when they are sick.

Arjun Mahadevan, StartPack:

  • Big backyard
  • Huge kitchen
  • Wooden floors

StartPack helps non-US founders set up US based bank accounts so that they can accept payments from customers globally.

Jason Corwin, Safely Finance:

  • Big kitchen (we love cooking)
  • Office-space/area for separation while we work
  • Space for the kids to play and/or a backyard

Safely Finance has created the first lending product focused exclusively on renters. With Safely Finance, tenants turn expensive up-front security deposits into simple monthly payments.

Pasha Rayan, Forage

  • Lots of sunlight
  • The ability to have a space of quiet, to think and solve hard problems (or enjoy a nice meditative tea!)
  • A big cupboard to hide all of my mess!

Forage runs virtual work experience programs for college students, with companies like BCG, JP Morgan, and General Electric.

Cedric Dussud, Narrator

  • Lots of natural light / big windows / south facing
  • Neighborhood - walking distance from interesting things (parks, coffee shops, restaurants)
  • Now that we're all remote - space to work - someplace that I can hold a meeting without hearing everyone else
  • Large-ish living room instead of many smaller interconnected rooms - open floor plan

Narrator is the first data platform to offer a library of McKinsey level analyses delivered the moment you need them.

Alex Hilleary, Gather

  • Windows to let in the sunlight
  • Lots of trails nearby for walking and running
  • Affordable city

Gather is the first project management software for People Operations. 

Joshua Wong, Hypotenuse AI

  • Working space with a large desk
  • Sunlight
  • Clean bathroom

Neil McLean, Navattic

  • Open floorplans with mixed-use space - great for flexible working arrangements
  • Backyard with greenspace - there's nothing like a great, open backyard to turn a house into a home
  • Fireplace - nothing beats relaxing by the fire on a chilly winter day!

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