Trend Watch: TikTok Home Renovation Before and Afters

Is there anything more satisfying than a good home renovation before and after? Well, luckily for us, this is a growing trend all over TikTok - which is now home to some of the best before and after videos around.

Looking for some ideas and inspiration? Considering a home reno or remodel? Then keep on reading!

Five of the best TikTok home renovation before and after videos...

1. A renovation and remodel like you've never seen before...

It's hard to believe that these two are even the same building! What a remarkable job by 2B DesignBuild.

2. The coolest backyard transformation

That's far from boring... just look at those lights.

3. A very dreamy makeover indeed

From bare to beautiful, the way light fills this renovate home is just perfection!

4. This modern masterpiece

You gotta be insane not to love this modern renovation - we're in awe.

5. This simple but stunning DIY bedroom reno

Sometimes less is more. As proven here by @bungalow_no5. A sanctuary to sleep in!

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