What Is a Colonial Style House?

There are endless home styles these days - from modern farmhouses and craftsman style to modernist and Cape Cod styles - so choosing just one can be a difficult task.

If you're building a home from scratch and there's a chance you may sell it eventually: think long term, keep your future buyer in mind, and look at the styles of other homes in the area. Choosing a less specific or trendy style could work in your favor but if you really love a certain style of home, always have and always will, follow your instincts!

Today we're looking at one of the most popular styles of homes in this country - colonial style - a familiar, traditional, and formal aesthetic that is very prominent in the south and northeast.

Let's dive into the history of this architecture style, the key characteristics and features, colonial style homes for sale right now, and more.

What Is a Colonial Style House?

The history of colonial style homes...

The American colonial style is one of the oldest architecture styles in the United States, dating back to the 1600s and 1700s when European colonists settled here. This style of architecture dominated design well into the 19th century. Various parts of the US developed their own styles thanks to immigrants from different parts of Europe settling here, resulting in subsets such as Spanish colonial, French colonial, and Dutch colonial styles.

The earliest types of these homes consisted of two stories, with one room on each floor, built from brick, wood, stone, or all three. During the 1700s, the "four over four" style was introduced allowing for four rooms per floor.

So, what exactly is a colonial style home?

Colonial style homes come in many different shapes and sizes - so we've listed the key characteristics and features for you below!

Exterior characteristics and features of a colonial style home...

  • Symmetry
  • Square or rectangular facade shape
  • Centered door
  • Balanced window placement
  • Two to three stories
  • Paired chimneys

Interior characteristics and features of a colonial style home...

  • Traditional, simple floor plan and room layouts
  • Prominent staircase in the entryway or centre hallway
  • Formal entryways
  • Decorated mirrors
  • Brass details

Check out colonial style homes for sale right now in Atlanta, Greater Charlotte, San Francisco's Bay Area, Seattle, Raleigh-Durham, and Houston.

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